Art with the kids is the best 3 minutes! You prep: the space- cover it for protection, the supplies – give them enough but not enough to run out right away, and in some cases you take the time to cut up little tiny things. I get my expectations so high of them having just hours of fun! But, that’s not really the case with mine.  We get a good five minutes. Like when we painted our pumpkins in Fall of 2016. This is when I really noticed how much Zion hated getting dirty! He insisted I clean him from the “dirties” and didn’t give two cares about the pumpkin after that. _MG_7776




On the other hand, this little butt back in 2015 who, to this day, LOVES to get dirty. This was one of his first times with paints. He was so fascinated! And yes, that is paint on his lips. He of course, tried to eat it. CE.005

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