I’m defiantly not winning any awards in this category. I’ve put my kids to bed with their tablets until 1030 at night when I finally thought “Damn…this probably isn’t a good idea.” Then piss them off right as I know everyone else is falling asleep.

This morning, my youngest was so mad at me for getting him up and dressed for school (daycare) he followed me and scream cried at me that he wanted up. When I would ask him to stop crying so I can pick him up (no one wants that in their ear) He would back away and yell “NO I DON’T WANT UP!!”

But…..you just told me you did….?

This is more and more frequent these days with him. A mom I look up too, asked me “What stage are they at, at that age again? I’d take a look at what’s going on with them at this age and then maybe create your action plan around how you want next time to go.”

Sure, wonder-mom. But in all honestly it’s really great advice.
We know how we hate getting unwanted advice during pregnancy and all of that. But this one really stood out to me. Is this something moms do? Have I just not educated myself enough and thought to do this before?! It’s probably some of the best advice I’ve gotten as a mom. Because I catch myself with tears in my eyes from frustration when he does these outbursts. I feel so helpless and stuck on how to get out. I WILL be using this.

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