Pinterest Pressure

One of the guilt’s I put on myself- how my home looks. Or in this case doesn’t look.

Why can’t Pinterest homes be more budget friendly?! Am I not getting out enough to catch the sales? (Also, getting out, a large problem I have.) And, how do they decide which fake plant to put in the corner? How in the WORLD do they know “Ah, yes. The rounded leaf one will look much better in the corner vs. the sharp leaf looking one.”

I can hardly decide my look for the day each morning, let alone make purchases on pieces that will be the “look” of my home for months or even years to come.

Would a beautifully color coordinated home, with complimenting colors and textures, a giant well decorated, but not overly decorated, fireplace be great? Of. Course.

Instead, we’re two months into using moving boxes as shelf’s, mattress toppers on the floor, (not even a mattress) and the boys’ room looking like superheros of all kinds, threw up.

This is the most put together spot in the house. The boys’ toy shelf and chairs.

Not that that is what they are used for. Who would want to sit in a bean bag chair, when you’ve discovered you can hit one another with it, without making the other cry to alert mom!

I told myself I would have each bin on the shelf be a particular toy, but who’s kidding. That will never happen. (I made it almost a year with the Lego blocks always going back into their own bag. Once we moved here and I tried to enforce that rule again, I noticed it doesn’t even fill up halfway. )

Here is where I wanted to take a second and step back. To remind myself with a roof over out head, and a warm place to sleep, it doesn’t matter if my home won’t get a Pinterest feature. We’re happy.

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