As soon as we started talking about alternative work schedules at the office. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My social anxiety makes me steer clear of crowds and too many people, so the Zoo on a weekend is never an option. But, the Zoo on a Thursday is  PERFECT.

I didn’t tell the boys about it, just that we had a surprise coming up. I waiting until after they went to be Wednesday to start prepping.

We’re snack-ers, so I wasn’t worried about making big lunches. I packed a backpack of spare clothes (1 our fit per boy), 2 zip lock bags (worst case scenario and they BOTH have accidents, we can keep those soiled clothes separate from the other stuff) all our snacks and my hydro flask (we never leave without it)

In my mind, the boys were going to want to RUN and play and they were going to be so excited to see all of the animals.  I was worried I would have my hands FULL. But, I wanted to try it, so off we went!

I waiting until getting them dressed to tell them where we were going, not the most excited response, but happy none the less. When we finally got there, I asked them if they wanted to walk or to sit in the cart.

Apollo: “WALK!”

Zion: “Sit in the cart!”

I decided it was better safe than sorry to rent one just in case and grabbed a blanket from the car. Worst case, I had somewhere to set the backpack while they ran around.

Quickly tucked them in the blanket after we paid and we were off! First up, BEARS! We skipped the Mountain Goats because there was a ton of people standing there. Of course, the bears were out and wondering, so I bent down next to the cart to show the boys. Apollo’s intrigued and doing his best to see through the fence. It was Zion that responded: “Dat’s cool, but can we go that way?!” Pointing off down the trail.

The next three stops I got the same response. This little Butt JUST wanted to be pushed around in the cart. We could have saved and arm and a leg and pushed him around in a cart at home with the same enthusiasm!

I started having to tell him “No, we’re going to look at ____________” at each stop.  Not sure who ended up being more disappointed. Me, for his lack of excitement being at the Zoo. Or, Zion for me not wanting to push him everywhere.

There were a few new exhibits since we’ve been there last. One, being a whole new building that had nothing but bugs in it; which had a little warmer of a climate than the outside.We (I thought) needed a quick hot chocolate/muffin stop afterwards to warm up for the rest of the trip. But the boys took off to play in the play area made entirely of stumps and wood cuts.

It was crazy to sit and see their personalities switch. Zion, normally my cautious/skeptical little dude. While, Apollo is the ‘let’s talk to random people at the store’ and run head first play fighting, LOUD little man. On the tree stumps, Zion had no problem jumping onto it and walking out to the edge. It was Apollo that got up and shuffled along, second guessing each step he took. Telling myself to not go hold his hand along the way was hard, but  we all three accomplished our goals.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I’ve put off a lot of outings with the boys because I’ve felt like I’ve ruined my communication with them, that I didn’t work hard enough at expressing my reasons to them and just said “No” too much.

But, these boys were ah-mazing. The only time we started to have any issues is at 245 when they were understandably tired.   Not sure how, since they sat almost the WHOLE TIME

But, that’s okay. They are cute! And staying in the cart meant less chances of getting lost.
I was sure to snap a picture almost each time they were out to look.

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