I was all for making this blog, and watching myself grow as a person and as a mom. The more thoughts I had about publishing it and moving forward, I panicked. I got so afraid of what people might think. I know I’m not the best mom, I know I’m not the best writer, I know I don’t have the best ideas.. So I just stopped.

I’ve never been good at challenging myself and it’s something I really want to work on.

Today, is my first day off with my new work schedule. As a unit we decided to try working 4 10’s and Thursdays are my days. I’m hoping having this day for me will help keep me on track. I want to be meal prepping, keeping up on laundry, writing, doing things for me again.

This morning, I let the boys and I sleep in a little. (The 10 hour shifts means I need to be up by 445 and us out the door by 550) We finally got to school (daycare) at 7. From there I headed to grab some coffee and jot down some ideas of things I wanted to concentrate on. With so much I want to teach people about with Essential Oils, teach myself about Paleo and best ways to meal prep, it’s made me feel a little overwhelmed. And, as I’ve talked about before, that kind of anxiety makes me shut down instead of find ways to cope with it. So, I made myself a big long list of things I can tackle one by one, which felt SO good.

Next I went to the chiropractor for the first time in well over a year. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

As boring as that day may sound to some, it was everything to me.  I felt accomplished. I felt renewed. I felt like I can do this.

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