Mothers Day

Things have been a whirlwind of busy. Birthday parties, school, family visits, and holidays threw us off over here.

Mother’s day was great. Woke up to the boys protecting me from the monsters. Got a personal closet check too.

Treated us to our favorite coffee shop. (for them, hot chocolate of course)

Visited the best little plant shop and picked us up a few things.

Then off to Gigi’s we went.

My boys love visiting my Grandmother (Gigi) and Grandfather. (Crampa) We don’t do it as often as we should, which is my fault. It’s hard seeing them age when they were such a large part of my life growing up and things aren’t what they were.

But, the boys loved giving Gigi and Grandma their bouquet of flowers, hand drawn pictures and homemade candles! While they got lost in dirt and Hot Wheels, I enjoyed every second sitting in little bit of shade in the side yard, surrounded by projects my Grandparents intended to do before age snuck up on them. Some people my see it as junk, which a good amount is. But seeing past that, it’s all their interests, the things that make them them.

My Mothers Day was perfect.

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