When things aren’t always what they seem

Driving home reflecting.

It wasn’t a bad day, I’m driving home to see my family now, knowing tomorrow is almost like a Friday for me, I had nothing but positive thoughts.

When I walk into the house, one look at Zion and all of that positive happy energy was squashed. This poor guy had this saddest puppy dog eyes paired with a frown almost to the floor.

Immediately try to talk to him, see if he felt okay, if he just got in trouble, if something happened at school today. (He has a tendency remember things as soon as he sees me.)


He just looked at me. He didn’t heavy sigh, he didn’t inhale. No look of hope on his face, no sign of ‘I was just waiting for someone to ask..’

No sign of sickness. No response to almost any question I asked. Even asking him directly “What’s the matter,” he shrugged his shoulders. This is the first time this has happened. I’ve never had trouble getting him to talk to me.

I couldn’t even read him.

It was to the point Olajuwan had to call him to the table for dinner and pull me aside for a hug. It was the most disheartening experience I think I’ve had as a parent so far.

Even now, he’s fast asleep in bed and I’m out here still trying to recover.

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