A few of my favorite things

I’ve had a few people ask me how we make things work around here. With Olajuwan working nights, going to school during the week, myself, working 10 hour days, trying to run an oily business, writing, him on Keto, while I’m *attempting* Paelo, AND keeping up with our boys. It get’s to be a LOT.

The first key to success is communicating. If we don’t talk to one another about tag teaming between dinner and bathes, we fail. We fail the boys for missing a bath that night, or letting them eat something like Pizza. Not because Pizza is bad for you, it’s ah-mazing! But because of their diet sensitivities. Zion in particular. He’s hunched over the morning after pizza saying his tummy hurts. (We’ve cut out almost all dairy in our house.)

We have to talk about who’s doing what and in what order of importance, for instance; most of the time we make a clean laundry pile. Scavenging our clothes for the day from there until the weekend when we sit and put it all away at once. As much as I despise hunting for ONE CHILD SOCK, the laundry being folded and put away is the least of our priorities. We need to make sure we’re fed and clean before I can worry about how something looks.

Some of our favorite things, not just products but time saving things

  • Olajuwan goes shopping for meats every few months, portions out, seasons and vacuum seals it to last longer. This is a huge time saver for us during the week
  • Prepping – We’ll batch cook hard boiled eggs, soups, or meats to snack on and pair with other small things for quick meals.


  • A diffuser! Bed time was once a huge fight. Zion HATED going to bed, crying the whole way there. Apollo, who is such a night owl, would lay in bed playing with his feet; rubbing them along the wall, once we even caught him sneaking toys into bed to play with! At bath time I add a couple drops of an Essential Oil straight into the bath and get the diffuser in their room GOING! This gives it plenty of time to fill the air with sweet sleepy time scents. The relaxing aroma has made Zion less unhappy about bed time and helps Apollo drift off much sooner than he use to.
  • Instant pot! My mom bought us one for Christmas and it’s almost a permanent appliance on the counter! So many meals so fast! Chicken Noodle Soup, once everything is chopped up, takes less than 10 minutes in there. It’s a great way to get the kids to eat a protein and veggies!
  • Keurig Another gift from my mom! I’m a coffee LOVER, like we can’t not have it in the house. I’ve spent more money than I am willing to admit at my favorite coffee shop over the years. Now, going there is more of a treat than a necessity. The only reason I am in love with the Keurig over a regular coffee pot? A couple reasons: One, I don’t waste half a pot if I can’t finish it. With our busy schedules, there’s isn’t always time to enjoy the whole thing. We love that the Keurig fills up our coffee cups for an easy go-go morning. Two, we have a reusable k-cup. I hate knowing how many k-cups get thrown away each day. At work, I see at least 4 people use the Keurig there, that’s at least 20 k-cups a week! 20 pieces of plastic that can’t get put into the recycling because of the food debris on it, but go into landfills. I have to stop myself when I get going on how many that is a day across our country, let alone the world!
  • Young Living Membership Yes, that sounds “sales-y” but it’s true. I love love LOVE being able to get all-natural products sent to my door. I know that Amazon does that too, but I have so much confidence in the quality of product that Young Living sends me vs some random company on Amazon that may have half the price. Not only do we get our Essential Oils sent to us, we also get: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dish soap, hand soap, laundry soap, supplements for the whole family, gifts for pampering the ones we love, and sometimes foods! Plus, we get a percentage back in points, and those points buy us more products we love.
  • Netflix We opted out of cable because of the price point, so naturally we had to have Netflix for not just the boys, but us as well. Who else is in love with Peaky Blinders? (Please, only watch it once your kids have gone to bed!)
  • Amazon FireStick See, I love me some Amazon as much as the next person! We love the simplicity of this! From having out Netflix, to being able to purchase other things from my phone, totally cool!

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