Oil Me Up

I purchased a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living in February of 2017. This is TWO years after a friend of mine let me use some of hers at work. I had this nasty headache and she offered me some of her Peppermint oil just to see if it would ease a bit. Lone behold, it was just what I needed.

Months after that, my youngest son who was less than a year at the time, was having the worst nightmares. There is nothing harder as a mom than being unable to help your innocent little child with something so difficult. He would wake up in the middle of the night scream-crying, drenched in sweat, ridged and frozen still.

After months of hardly any sleep, sore muscles from falling asleep holding him in the chair and tears from more than just the baby, I reached out to my Facebook friends. The same friend from work with the Peppermint oil, offered me a bedtime spray to try out for him. I was willing to try anything. A few sprays straight into his bed and it was the first night we had gotten of sleep since he had been born. Something about the oils in there creating such a calming environment for him, he was happy baby boy the next day.

So, naturally I had to have these oils.

We had used essential oils here and there in the years before. But the store bought ones, with expiration dates. Sadly, the ones that aren’t pure. After looking into Young Living some more and reading about their Seed to Seal commitment, I knew this was going to be a new adventure. It took me a few months before we were able to afford the Kit. With two kids, and finishing school money wasn’t easy. But we made it happen and I haven’t looked back since.

Of course, my collection has grown… tons. I’ve found new and better ways to use them for multiple things.Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

This is actually an older photo! But if I were to snap one now, there would hardly be anything on the shelves because they are randomly placed around the house and were ever it was I used them last.

We use so many variations of oils in our lives, the boys actually refer to them as “Mommy Medicine.” I love that they are growing up in a home where a natural approach is taken before risking the side effects that come with medications. There is a time and a place for medications, don’t get me wrong, but the first line of defense is a more natural one.

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