Accomplishments.. big or small

Happy International Women’s day!

This is actually only my second year of knowing about this holiday (horrible, right?!) Women are amazing, not that men aren’t amazing as well, but we women haven’t been as loved on as long as men have.

There are so many women before us that have accomplished so many large, amazing things. Margaret Sanger, Mary Church Terrell, Mary Edwards Walker, Margaret Fuller, Mae Jemison; These are just a few of the names I didn’t know, that popped up on a quick google search. Even the brief paragraph about each of these extraordinary women was inspiring.

I may never accomplish something as largely successful as those before me, but I have accomplished things that I am proud of.

Here are just a few:

Finally walking away from a job that depleted me mentally for two years. Both from the work and the people.

Not working for a man that made me extremely uncomfortable in my 15 minute interview.

Finally finishing my Associates degree, and while working full time.

Finally getting a career on my own, after a year and a half of waiting.

The memories I’ve been able to photograph for people.

My body. Though it didn’t work the way I thought it would, I was lucky enough to bring two beautiful babies into this world.

And of course, My family.

They might seem minor to some, but when I think back on these, I feel proud. I’d love to hear some of the things you’re proud of!

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